Emily lives in Brockworth, Gloucestershire and has owned rescue dogs since she was 6 years old, always being very active with her dogs, taking them everywhere with her and since 2009, competing all over the country in Canicross competitions. Emily also participates in agility for fun with her current four dogs and has an in-depth understanding of the demands placed on the canine athlete taking part in any sport.

With this background in dog sports, Emily has developed an International retail business, K9 Trail Time, offering holistic advice and consultations on active dog equipment based on years of selecting and fitting kit for people who want to purchase the best brands, tailored for their own dogs' individual needs. By specialising in helping people find the correct equipment to allow them and their pet dogs to take part in a variety of activities safely, Emily has helped thousands of people enjoy a more active life with their canine companion.

As a fully qualified Pet First Aider, Emily has also studied Pet Psychology, Canine Anatomy and Physiology and has pursued personal studies of many other aspects of animal behaviour, nutrition, fitness and conditioning, including courses at the Natural Animal Centre and Veterinary Congress at Willows Veterinary Centre.

Emily brings this experience of active dogs and their individual requirements to the Canactive Hydrotherapy Centre.


Vickie grew up in Tewkesbury but spent much of her early adult life living in the mountains snowboarding (Team GBR) and working with sled dog teams. Vickie now competes with her own teams of sled dogs in 6 dog, 4 dog rig/ sled, 2 dog scooter and 1 dog bike. For the last 5 years Vickie has been British champion in her sprint sled dog racing classes and holds top 10 world rankings in multiple classes. Vickie is the only British racer to hold a sprint World Cup standing on the sled and her ultimate aim is to become World Champion.

Vickie now has a team of 27 dogs, who help her run her husky ride business, Arctic Quest and has a mixed kennel of Siberian huskies, Alaskan Huskies,  Eurohounds and Greysters.

These dogs have the build, power and heart to run fast, it’s down to training, nutrition and equipment to get the best results possible; basically the humans have to get it right to fulfil the massive potential these dogs have. Part of realising this potential has been acquiring the underwater treadmill and incorporating this into the dogs training programme. Vickie brings all her experience of racing and training her own dogs and coaching others to the Canactive Hydrotherapy Centre and her input will benefit all our sports performance customers in the design of the individual training sessions we put together for our clients.