Hydrotherapy is the use of water to help with healing of injuries in the body and has been used since ancient times. The word hydrotherapy actually comes from the Greek word for water healing because water offers a zero weight bearing or controlled weight bearing way in which to exercise muscles and joints.

As a therapy, hydrotherapy has no or low impact on the body and can be very beneficial as long as the water is heated and maintained to between 28 and 30 degrees celcius and cleanliness is properly controlled with the use of chemicals.

We have chosen to conduct our hydrotherapy treatments in an aquatic treadmill rather than a swimming pool because following extensive research we felt the treadmill was the premium way to rehabilitate and condition dogs because with our 360 degree viewing tank we will be able to observe your dog at all angles and be able to adjust the session in terms of speed, water height, ramp incline and time taken in accordance with your dogs’ individual needs which is a luxury of having the Tudor treadmill we have installed in our centre.


The water is warmed to a specific therapeutic temperature to provide pain relief and increased blood flow for healing, the warmth also helps to increase flexibility, promoting extension and flexion in the limbs. The water is also sanitised so it is safe from any nasty bacteria which is crucial if your dog is recovering from an injury, has a compromised immune system or simply just for your peace of mind.

We are dedicated to making your dogs’ experience at the Canactive Centre fun and positive so to do this we may ask questions about your dogs’ daily routine, exercise, food, sleeping arrangements and general behaviour, we’re not doing this to be nosey, we genuinely care about your dogs’ fitness and lifestyle.



The therapists at the Canactive Centre work to a strict code of conduct and will put your dogs’ welfare above all else. We tailor all of our sessions to the individual dog and will explain to you why we are conducting processes at every stage of your dogs’ visit to our centre.

The specific benefits of using an aquatic treadmill are related to the control the treadmill gives over the patients’ limbs above that of the hydrotherapy pool. The treadmill allows the therapist to re-educate the limbs of your dog into a normal gait pattern following surgery or injury. The ability to observe the dog from all angles helps to identify any problems and correct them quickly which is not always possible in a pool.

The advantage of this is that the therapist can help to increase the range of motion in the dog and in some conditions this will mean limb usage and return to activity at an earlier stage. Another advantage of the treadmill is that it enables specific areas to be targeted and muscle function, strength, tone and mass can all be the focus of sessions, in addition to a general increase in cardiovascular fitness which can be associated with aquatic treadmill sessions.

Sessions will begin with only a minute or two at a time as your dog adjusts to the treadmill and the additional workload that the properties of water exert on the dogs limbs when on the aquatic treadmill. This will be gradually increased and water levels and the incline will be altered to meet your dogs’ individual training plan.