Hydrotherapy has been traditionally used to help with the healing of injuries and has fantastic benefits for dogs who need the controlled weight bearing that the water offers to help with rehabilitation. Water also has properties which help strengthen muscles and can therefore be used in a number of different ways to both injury-proof active dogs and also to enhance sports performance through targeted training in the water.

Our top of the range Tudor Treadmill offers 360 degree viewing to enable us to observe your dog at all angles and adjust the session in terms of speed, water height, ramp incline and time taken in accordance with your dogs’ individual needs. We can design an aquatic exercise programme using the various different options to offer a unique experience for your dog based on what you would like to achieve in the sessions.

The water in our treadmill is warmed to a specific therapeutic temperature to provide pain relief and increased blood flow for healing but the warmth also helps to increase flexibility, promoting extension and flexion in the limbs which is important for dogs taking part in any kind of dog sport. If you participate in any activity which requires your dog to be fit and have a strong muscular structure then they can benefit from a targeted training plan in our treadmill to maximise your dogs’ potential and help prevent injury.

sports dog enjoying canine hydrotherapy at our centre in gloucestershire


We are dedicated to making your dogs’ experience at the Canactive Centre fun and positive so to do this we may ask questions about your dogs’ daily routine, exercise, food, sleeping arrangements and general behaviour, we’re not doing this to be nosey, we genuinely care about your dogs’ fitness and lifestyle.

The therapists at the Canactive Centre work to a strict code of conduct and will put your dogs’ welfare above all else. We tailor all of our sessions to the individual dog and will explain to you why we are conducting processes at every stage of your dogs’ visit to our centre.

happy sports dog in underwater treadmill enjoying canine hydrotherapy at our centre near tewkesbury


If you come to us for sports performance sessions we will work with you to design the best option for your dog based on the sports you participate in and this can be adjusted and tailored for your dog during every session depending on your requirements and your dogs’ progress. We have years of experience of working with fit and active dogs and understand the physical demands on sport dogs and so can advise you on the best programme which will benefit your dog the most.

Sessions will begin with a few minutes at a time as your dog adjusts to the moving belt and the additional workload that the properties of water exert on the dogs limbs when on the aquatic treadmill. This will be gradually increased and water levels and the incline will be altered to meet your dogs’ individual training plan.