Our aim when you visit the Canactive centre is that both you and your dog enjoy the hydrotherapy experience in a relaxed and friendly environment. We aim to provide an individual treatment plan to suit your dog's requirements, easing them into a comfortable regime that gains confidence and reduces anxiety. We encourage owners to be part of the sessions, sometimes you may get a little wet but that's all part of the experience.

We recommend that dogs have been to the toilet prior to the session and are not fed at least 3 hours before the session.

labrador in treadmill at canactive hydrotherapy centre having rehabilitation


The duration of the first session with us will depend on the package you have booked and your dogs’ requirements. During this session we may take a full history and complete a thorough examination taking measurements from your dog. This gives a start point from which we measure progress. We will construct a plan of the treatment we will carry out and discuss this with you.

We then shower your dog to remove any dirt and debris from their coats. They are fitted with a specially designed harness for safety and control.



Next we introduce your dog to our hydrotherapy treadmill which may involve walking your dog through the machine with the doors open, shutting the doors and then filling the tank with water before we start the belt moving. We will go through this at your dogs’ pace so if you have a nervous dog then we may choose to end the session at any point during this process for your dogs’ well-being and pick this up during the next session.

Some dogs take to it very quickly, others can be unsure or nervous. All our hydrotherapists are very used to this and will soon gain your dog's trust and confidence and before you know it they will be using the treadmill like a professional.

agility dog having a canine hydrotherapy session in our treadmill at our centre in gloucestershire


Exercise programs vary from dog to dog but all of them involve intervals of exercise and rest for different lengths of time and intensity. The hydrotherapist makes observations and adjustments to how your dog is moving in order to improve their condition but even a fit and healthy dog will only begin with a minute or so work and then a rest period. We have the added benefit of a belt incline which we may incorporate into the session once your dog is familiar with the usual processes on the treadmill.

Subsequent sessions will follow the same pattern but we may adapt the programme for your dog based on their fitness and specific requirements.

Josie canine Hydrotherapist


We may record or photograph your dog during the session in the treadmill for our own records and / or to share your dogs’ progress on our website or social media.

After completion of their session we will shower your dog once again to remove pool water from their coats. They are then towel dried to remove the excess water and sometimes we also use our air blower to dry them. If you have a particularly hairy dog you might want to bring a fleece or coat to put on them to go home in to keep them nice and warm.

We may use treats during your session to reward your dog for all their hard work, please do let us know if your dog has any specific dietary requirements.


If for any reason your dog is unable to swim for their booked appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice where possible. A fee may be charged if no notification is given. We cannot swim your dog if they are suffering from any infection, have vomiting/diarrhoea or if a vet has advised that the animal should not attend a session. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your appointment time. Unfortunately, due to busy schedules, late arrivals may not be seen and the session rescheduled.

Please call either Vickie 07968 794758 or Emily 07838 125843 for more information and to book